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Many, if not most, Americans have failed to appreciate the import of the so called same sex marriage (ssm) campaign. If while reading this you discover you are one of them, you probably do not have a plan should the worst come to fruition. This is a tactical plan which may save your job so feel free to save it somewhere and refer to it if and when needed.

The ssm campaign is about validation and retribution. Toward this end lgbt is posturing itself to be recognized as a suspect class minority. It is aided and abetted in this effort by, among others, allies on the US Supreme Court. Ginsburg, who recently remarked they should be considered a suspect class; Kennedy, who started this business when he likened the homosexual den of iniquity to the sanctity of the marital bed (see Lawrence v. Texas). Kennedy went further to say that this sanctity was not confined to the homosexual bedroom but extended to wherever they might choose to sodomize each other. Then there is Kagan, whom we know to have been an advocate for homosexual rights, and whom no one should be surprised if she one day steps up to be recognized as the first gay Supreme Court Justice. Thomas said (in Lawrence v. Texas) that he thought the Texas sodomy laws were “silly”; demeaning to the Texas legislators to be sure, but also a clear indication of his inability to fore go his contempt, at having to discuss the issue, to objectively examine the question. Sotomayor, being a minority in this country may be persuaded that a group of sexual deviants are in fact a suspect class minority. Those five are all it will take to sustain a homosexual judge’s disenfranchisement of the California voters; and establish lgbt as a suspect class minority.

What this will mean is lgbt would then be able to sue any and every one for discrimination due to under representation of “gays” on school boards, in the workplace, and anywhere (which is practically everywhere) “gays” are not prominently represented.

Here is the plan. Take preemptive action. As soon as you hear that they have been deemed a suspect class minority, go into your employer and tell him or her that you are “gay”. You do not have to do anything because they say “gay” is not a behavior. There are no criteria for establishing who is and is not “gay”; according to Vaughn Walker, “gays” self-identify. So if enough of you go in and identify as “gay” no one will have to lose their job so that a “gay” can have the position. You may scoff now but you may kick yourself later when you discover this simple tactic could have kept you off of the unemployment line.

To be clear, you will be challenged; but to prove you are not “gay”, gay must be defined in clear enough terms that a court can determine who is and is not “gay” enough. This has never been done before, however, in a gay softball championship, a team was accused of having too many non-gay players; two of them were apparently bisexual. They stopped the game, hauled the players before a tribunal, and determined they were not “gay enough” to play. The team was stripped of its second place title. The players sued and lost. The court essentially ruled that the “gays had the right to determine the rules controlling who could and could not play in their game. This happened in the state of; you guessed it, Washington, the state that just approved same gender marriage. You can look up this and anything you read on The Pundit456. References are not usually provided so as not to direct anyone to a particular source. Normally it will not matter where you look, you will not find refutation.

So if “gays“ are going to be protected we are all, as “gays” entitled to equal protection under the law. You do not have to join anything; you do not have to disclose anything about your sex life, because anything the law requires you to do to prove you are “gay” sets a precedent to examine all “gays” to determine whether they are “gay” enough; you do not have to subscribe to any newsletters; just say you are “gay”. It could mean the difference between the nice home you live in and a cardboard box under the overpass.

There is a saying that if you can’t beat them, join them; and if the Supreme Court is going to be ruling by polls and emotion rather than the law, we can’t beat them. You cannot pray the “gay” away but you can “gay” the “gay” away. So let’s all be “gay’. Once you get the pink slip it will probably be too late so stay alert and be ready to say with conviction, “I’m gay”.